This is the third KTAP Watershed Report, covering restoration projects and practices for KTAP’s pilot operations in 2014, data collected in 2015 and 2016, and project records submitted since 2011. This report includes only a fraction of the collective actions to improve water quality, watershed health, and species recovery in the basin. We have made a number of improvements to make participating faster, easier, and more beneficial to those implementing or funding restoration and conservation projects.
We encourage you to contact us and participate in the program going forward.

Map Instructions: Click here or on the map to open the KTAP Watershed Report StoryMap and learn more about documented restoration practices in the Klamath Basin. Within the map are summaries and descriptions of restoration practices where darker map colors represent a greater number of practices being reported within each sub-basin.

KTAP 2016 Watershed Report

Learn More: For more details about restoration practices and to explore summary statistics for all the projects in the 2016 KTAP Watershed Report, click on the subjects below. The Summary tab combines information for all restoration practices/BMPs while the other lists summarize accomplishments related to specific categories of restoration practices.