Beavers! Rebuilding Nature's Balance- Talk this Friday at Mad River Brewery

February 22nd, 2024- Eli Asarian and Garrett Costelo give back to back talks this Friday at 6 pm at the latest Science On Tap event. 

As Klamath River Dams Come Down, Old Lands Emerge and the Landscape Begins to Heal

February 20th, 2024- As mud flats emerge and reservoir sediments drain downstream as expected, recovery, healing, and questions remain.

Klamath Basin Irrigators and Tribes Sign Conservation Agreement, Interior Pledges $72 Million

February 15th, 2024- Funding to support conservation and modernizing irrigation infrastructure is included in this important agreement

Scott Watershed Informational Forum on Feb 21-23

January 29, 2024- The Scott River Watershed Council hosts field tours, a water transaction workshop, an informational forum, and a forest health and resiliency summit. 

First Pulse of Sediment from Dam Removal Starts Journey to Ocean

January 29th, 2024- With the drastic rise of turbidity on Saturday, sediment long stored behind dams begins flowing downstream as dissolved oxygen impacts begin. Follow the real-time water quality monitoring on the Karuk Tribe website.

Klamath Meadows Partnership January Newsletter

January 22nd, 2024- Read about the latest updates from the Klamath Meadows Partnership and the importance of meadow restoration.

JC Boyle Dam Blast and Real-Time Water Quality

January 17th, 2024- Here are links to video footage of yesterday's blast opening up JC Boyle, and the Karuk Tribe's great water quality website to track changes to turbidity and other parameters change in real-time. 

Track Real-Time Water Quality During Dam Removal

January 9th, 2024- The Karuk Tribe hosts real-time water quality data collected by the Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe, and USGS. Track turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more once the dewatering of Klamath reservoirs begins. USGS gages also measure streamflow and other parameters for the Klamath River below JC Boyle, above Fall Creek, below Iron Gate, near Seiad Valley, Orleans, and near Klamath

Dam Removal Science Collaboration Workshop Summary Report Released

January 5th, 2024- The summary report from the January 2023 workshop is now available. 

2024 Sucker Technical Symposium on Jan 24th

January 2nd, 2024- This year's symposium will be at OIT with a webinar option. See the agenda for details.

EPA Releases National Rivers and Streams Assessment

December 19th, 2023- This latest report and data dashboard covers data collected in 2018 and 2019. 

Raising Better Beef

December 18th, 2023- Ranchers and researchers are trying regenerative approaches to make burgers less burdensome on the environment.

Things Have to Change: Big Decision Looms as Klamath Basin Ranchers, Tribes Battle Over Water and Salmon

December 18th, 2023- UPDATED: State regulators extend emergency drought measures that will restrict ground and surface water use.

Who Gets the Water in California? Whoever Gets there First

December 18th, 2023- Confronted by limits, regulators are taking a look at water rights.

Draft Emergency Regulation to Establish Minimum Instream Flows in the Shasta and Scott Rivers

December 18th, 2023- Resolution to be considered at Dec 19th State Water Resources Control Board meeting. 

Nature, Undammed

December 18th, 2023- The largest ever dam removal is underway, a reckoning over past attempts to bend nature to human will.

Dam Removal Series: Restoring a River

December 6th, 2023- has a series of articles on the Klamath River dam removal and restoration 

  • River in Recovery- How removing 4 dams will return salmon to the Klamath River and the river to the people
  • Water Shortages: On the headwaters of the Klamath River, water shortages test tribes, farmers and wildlife
  • Returning to the Klamath: Tribal nations see hope for homelands as Klamath River dams are removed
  • Restoration Begins: Tribes guard the Klamath River's fish, water and lands as restoration begins at last
  • Salmon Revival: Salmon won't return to the Klamath River overnight, but tribes are ready for restoration work

Klamath Tribes All Hands on Deck to Save Endangered C'waam and Koptu Suckerfish

November 27th, 2023- A tribal hatchery and restoration of degraded wetlands are crucial to reversing decades of declining populations and poor water quality.

KBMP Fall Meeting- Presentations and Recordings Available

November 20th, 2023- If you want to review the great talks at the Fall KBMP Meeting, PDF's of slides and recordings are on the KBMP Meetings page.

KBMP Fall Meeting Agenda

November 6th, 2023- Join us in person or virtually at our meeting on Nov 14th in Klamath Falls. See the agenda for details.

Scott and Shasta River Flow Listening Sessions on Oct. 30th

October 26th, 2023- The State Water Board will host two listening sessions to hear comments on future flow regulations. 

This Place Wanted to be a Wetland

October 23rd, 2023- 70 acres of Lakeside Farms is now a wetland, treating farm runoff and improving water quality.

Klamath Meadows Partnership Hiring a Partnership Coordinator

October 10th, 2023- Join the Klamath Meadows Partnership team! The Job Announcement is open and closes on 11/9. 

KBMP Fall Meeting on November 14th in Klamath Falls

September 26th, 2023- Save the Date for our next meeting! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a presentation to suggest. 

Webinar on Fisheries in the Scott and Shasta River Watersheds

September 13th, 2023- On 9/14 at 4pm, CDFW will present info on key species, habitat needs, and the status of fish populations in the watersheds (Recordings now available for this Fish 101 talk and the previous water rights 101 talks).

Why Nature's Infrastructure Works Better than Ours

September 13th, 2023- A Cal Trout article about how nature-based solutions benefit salmon over man-made infrastructure.

Judge Finds Feds Violated Law for Protected Fish Species

September 13th, 2023- BOR's obligated to protect fish species and tribal water rights before irrigators in a recent court order.

Water Board to Protect Flows in the Scott and Shasta Rivers

August 30th, 2023- California's Water Board directs staff to reinstate emergency flow regulations and begin work on permanent regulations for flows.

Freshwater HAB Monitoring & Response Virtual Training Video

August 25th, 2023- 90-minute recording and slides from this week's training for monitoring and responding to harmful algal blooms. 

Environmental Assessment of Williamson River Restoration- Comments due 8/24

July 26th, 2023- Phase 1, focused on the Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, available for public review and comment.

Judge Rules 'Safe Harbor' Program Violates Endangered Species Act

July 13th, 2023- Court ruling invalidates the biological opinion and environmental assessment for coho on the Shasta River. 

Removing Klamath Dams is a Step Towards Justice for Native Americans

July 13th, 2023- Dam removal will support the long-term recovery of salmon and tribal culture.

Copco 2 Demolition Underway

June 26th, 2023- The removal of Copco 2, the smallest of four dams on the Klamath River has begun. 

Scott River Restoration Brings Together a Broad Coalition

June 26th, 2023- The Yurok Tribe, Farmer's Ditch Company, and CalTrout sign an MOU for landscape level collaboration. 

Fight Over Klamath Water Stay Can Stay in Federal Court

June 7th, 2023- Obligations under the Endangered Species Act and for tribes in California keep the lawsuit in federal court

Karuk Tribe and PCFFA Call on Water Board to Mandate Scott River Flows

May 24th, 2023- The Karuk Tribe has petitioned the State Water Board to adopt permanent flow regulations on the Scott River. 

USGS Webinar Training on the Next Generation Streamflow Website

May 23rd, 2023- The USGS is hosting a training on the use of their new streamflow webpages this Thursday, 5/25 at 6 pm. Join the training live. 

Bureau of Reclamation Increases Klamath Project Water Allocations

May 22nd, 2023- Improved spring hydrology and updated forecasts will improve irrigation diversions and still meet ESA needs. 

KBMP Spring Meeting Presentations Available

May 19th, 2023- Presentation slides from this week's KBMP meeting are now available as PDF's. YouTube recordings will be available next week.

Klamath River Coho Enhancement Fund

May 19th, 2023- Requests for pre-proposals and full proposals released. Details are available here.

KBMP Spring Meeting on May 16th in Yreka- Agenda

May 3rd, 2023- The agenda for the KBMP meeting includes a Zoom link for those who can't attend in person.

The Devil's Element: Phosphorus and a World Out of Balance

April 25th, 2023- Author interview for a new book on phosphorus, 'dead zones', and toxic algae blooms. 

To Help the Bees, Get Help FROM the Bees

April 20th, 2023- This JPR interview covers innovative science to assess biodiversity and pollutants.

CDFW Restoration Grant Awards Include Many Projects in the Scott and Shasta 

April 17th, 2023- Cal Trout, Karuk Tribe, Scott River Watershed Council, and Shasta Valley RCD among many getting restoration funds.

Some CA Weather Blogging about the Cold Wet Winter, and Early El Nińo Signs

April 11th, 2023- Daniel Swain opines about California weather and climate perspectives at his Weather West site. 

KBMP Spring Meeting on May 16th in Yreka

March 28th, 2023- Save the Date! If you are interested in presenting, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yurok Tribe Sues Over Flow Reductions on the Klamath

March 27th, 2023- Amid a winter with heavy rainfall, a lawsuit attempts to keep flows from being below ESA minimum requirements.

California Salmon Fishery to be Shut Down this Year

March 15th, 2023- Low returns on Sacramento and Klamath River drive need to protect fish stocks.

Klamath Tribes submit 'Call for Water' Amidst Continuing Drought

March 13th, 2023- Call for water on Fourmile Creek could restrict the export of water to the Rogue River basin.

New Paper on Modeling Water Temperature in the Scott River

March 13th, 2023- Research shows that deeper snowpack and high groundwater levels lower summer water temperatures. 

KBMP Releases Monitoring Location Metadata Spreadsheet

3/9/23- Meant to complement the Monitoring Location metadata map, the new metadata spreadsheet makes it easy to filter and sort for parameters, streams, organizations, or any of the fields you are interested in.  

Southern Oregon Still Faces Drought Conditions Despite Recent Storms

March 9th, 2023- While the current snowpack is above normal, the region faces low reservoir levels and dry soil conditions.

Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan Available

March 6th, 2023- The Klamath IFRMP provides basin-wide guidance on restoration and monitoring.

Elevated Flow Releases Scheduled for Trinity River Starting Feb 15th

February 10th, 2023- Winter flows will be ramped up from Lewiston soon. See the flow release schedule for details.

Scott Watershed Informational Forum (SWIF) on Feb 22nd-24th

February 10th, 2023- This year's SWIF includes field tours, presentations, and discussions. See the SWIF page for more for daily agendas and to register.

Federal Court Rules USBR Must Comply with ESA for Klamath Project

February 7th, 2023- Federal court rules state water rights cannot be used to block the water needs of ESA-listed fish. 

Federal Plan to Cut Klamath River Flows Threaten Salmon Fishery

January 26th, 2023- Cuts to flows on the Klamath River will be up to 30% below what is needed for endangered fish. Links to Article and USBR Proposal

Job Announcement- Quartz Valley Indian Reservation Environmental Director

January 24th, 2023- Quartz Valley is hiring! Please see the job announcement for details.

Webinar on the Natural History of the Klamath Mountains- Jan 25th @ 6pm

January 20th, 2023- Oregon Wild is hosting a free webinar on the unique nature of the Klamath Mountains. Webinar recording 

'Messy' Creek Restoration to Bring Back Salmon to Klamath River

January 14th, 2023- Helicopters, large wood, and tributary restoration is critical to recovering salmon in the Klamath. 

Scott River Watershed Council Year-End Review Newsletter

January 9th, 2023- Projects, community action, collaboration, and more highlight the SRWC's great work in 2022!

Klamath Dam Removal Science Collaboration Workshop

January 6th, 2023- Learn more about the upcoming workshop at Cal Poly Humboldt on Jan 10th and 11th. 

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