2024 Trinity River Restoration Program Science Symposium April 30 - May 3

April 8th, 2024-  Register here for this free meeting in Weaverville. There will be a webinar option. 

Grant Opportunity for Water Quality Data Management- Due May 22nd

April 9th, 2024- Funding is available to support use of WQX for managing and displaying water quality data, improving QA/QC and other services. 

Water Quality Board Says Metals in Klamath River Not a Health Concern

April 9th, 2024- Elevated levels of metals, some associated with reservoir sediment, were expected and should decrease along with turbidity. 

KBMP Spring 2024 Meeting on May 22nd in Yreka

March 11th, 2024- Save the Date and Call for Presenters. Get more information on the KBMP Meetings page.

Almost 1 Million Juvenile Hatchery Salmon Die from Gas Bubble Disease

March 4th, 2024- Fish passing through Iron Gate Dam's tunnel caused pressure changes that resulted in physical trauma and death.

Beavers! Rebuilding Nature's Balance- Talk this Friday at Mad River Brewery

February 22nd, 2024- Eli Asarian and Garrett Costelo give back to back talks this Friday at 6 pm at the latest Science On Tap event. 

As Klamath River Dams Come Down, Old Lands Emerge and the Landscape Begins to Heal

February 20th, 2024- As mud flats emerge and reservoir sediments drain downstream as expected, recovery, healing, and questions remain.

Klamath Basin Irrigators and Tribes Sign Conservation Agreement, Interior Pledges $72 Million

February 15th, 2024- Funding to support conservation and modernizing irrigation infrastructure is included in this important agreement

Scott Watershed Informational Forum on Feb 21-23

January 29, 2024- The Scott River Watershed Council hosts field tours, a water transaction workshop, an informational forum, and a forest health and resiliency summit. 

First Pulse of Sediment from Dam Removal Starts Journey to Ocean

January 29th, 2024- With the drastic rise of turbidity on Saturday, sediment long stored behind dams begins flowing downstream as dissolved oxygen impacts begin. Follow the real-time water quality monitoring on the Karuk Tribe website.

Klamath Meadows Partnership January Newsletter

January 22nd, 2024- Read about the latest updates from the Klamath Meadows Partnership and the importance of meadow restoration.

JC Boyle Dam Blast and Real-Time Water Quality

January 17th, 2024- Here are links to video footage of yesterday's blast opening up JC Boyle, and the Karuk Tribe's great water quality website to track changes to turbidity and other parameters change in real-time. 

Track Real-Time Water Quality During Dam Removal

January 9th, 2024- The Karuk Tribe hosts real-time water quality data collected by the Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe, and USGS. Track turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more once the dewatering of Klamath reservoirs begins. USGS gages also measure streamflow and other parameters for the Klamath River below JC Boyle, above Fall Creek, below Iron Gate, near Seiad Valley, Orleans, and near Klamath

Dam Removal Science Collaboration Workshop Summary Report Released

January 5th, 2024- The summary report from the January 2023 workshop is now available. 

2024 Sucker Technical Symposium on Jan 24th

January 2nd, 2024- This year's symposium will be at OIT with a webinar option. See the agenda for details.

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