After Dam Removal, What the Klamath Basin Needs Next

August 13, 2018- Follow this discussion of the broader picture of restoration efforts in the Klamath Basin.

KRRC Releases Definite Plan for the Lower Klamath Project

June 29, 2018- Definite Plan is part of submittal to FERC in support of dam removal.

Water Users Fight Back in Klamath Project Shut-Off Litigation

June 28, 2018- Klamath Water Users Association filed objections to the Klamath Tribes call for water.

Basin Views Podcast: Don Gentry, Mark Buettner of Klamath Tribes

June 28, 2018- One hour podcast covering water issues, endangered species, tribal rights, and water calls.

USBR Releases 2018 Klamath Project Operations and Drought Plans

June 25, 2018- For more information, please see the news release and USBR website for 2018 plans.

Klamath Tribes File Suit Under ESA to Protect Suckers, Help Salmon

May 24, 2018- Suit requests federal agencies provide sufficient water and address deficiencies in biological opinion.

Proposed Removal of J.C. Boyle Dam: Public Hearing in Klamath Falls, June 12

May 23, 2018- ODEQ seeks comments on the draft water quality certification for removal of J.C. Boyle dam. 

PacifiCorp Lends More Water to Reclamation

May 22, 2018- Approximately 20,000 acre feet of water loaned from reservoirs to irrigators in need.

Emergency Dilution Flows Released from Iron Gate Reservoir

May 7, 2018- USBR to increase flows below Iron Gate to meet court order to mitigate and address disease concerns for coho salmon.

Little Shasta, Big Hart

April 23, 2018- Cal Trout and The Nature Conservancy are partnering on important restoration work in the Shasta. See more here.

Shasta River Watershed Stewardship Report Released

April 18, 2018- New report highlights stewardship actions and adaptive management approach. See details here.

Spring KBMP Meeting May 2-3 in Yreka

April 18, 2018- The spring KBMP meeting will be held at the Karuk Community Center in Yreka. See the agenda for details.

Salmon River Spring Chinook Dive Scheduled for July 25

April 18, 2018- Salmon River Restoration Council's annual salmon dive. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot for this epic survey.

Feds Eye Scaling Back Antiparasite Klamath Dam Releases

March 27, 2018- Bureau of Reclamation plans to forgo emergency dilution flows required in 2017 court order.

Sucker Fish Release into Upper Klamath Lake

March 22, 2018- Releases begin for 2,500 2-year old hatchery raised suckers with goals for 100,000 to stave off extinction. 

Klamath River Fish-Kill Preventative Flows Challenged by Farmers, Water Districts

March 15, 2018- New court filing claims flows meant to protect juvenile salmon are 'unnecessary'. 

NMFS Finds Listing of Klamath Spring Chinook may be Warranted

March 11, 2018- 90-day finding on petition to list Klamath Spring Chinook based on new genetic data, continued disease.

Recent Events Support "Fish In Hot Water" Report

March 11, 2018- Listen to the JPR podcast discussing NMFS review of Klamath Spring Chinook listing review.

Another Drought Year Promises to Test Klamath Basin

March 10, 2018- Low snowpack, drought designations, and struggling salmon runs paint a difficult trajectory for the basin

The Rich History of American Rivers

February 18, 2018- NPR podcast discusses how rivers have changed the way American's live, work, and play.

Tribes Seek Higher Water Levels for Upper Klamath Lake

February 14, 2018- Lawsuit notice filed, possibility of extinction level event cited

Linthicum Drafts Bill to Defund Dam Removal

February 14, 2018- Oregon senator introduces bill to prevent PacifiCorp customers from being charged for dam removal.

Water Claims and Confrontations: Irrigators Say State Shows Lack of Support

February 8, 2018- Many questions remain about adjudication, the 2018 water year, and the evaluation of water claims.

Commissioners Delay Making Drought Decision

February 7, 2018- Drought declaration delayed; timing benefits to help irrigators when they need it most.

Annual Return of C'waam Ceremony

February 3, 2018- Return of Lost River Sucker to the Sprague River an important tradition for The Klamath Tribes.

Devestating Summer for Water Users Predicted

February 2, 2018- Current warm and dry winter leave Klamath County commissioners worried about drought.

Klamath Fish Health Workshop on April 3rd in Ashland- Postponed- New Date TBD

January 30, 2018- Presentations on fish health, research, and collaboritive monitoring. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

IFRMP Releases Plan Vision for Klamath River Restoration

January 8, 2018- The collaborative Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP) releases their Plan Vision.

Interior Secretary Nixes Water Agreement: Tribes, Upper Basin Irrigators React

January 3, 2018- The Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement (UKBCA) has been terminated.

Legal or Not, Cannabis Takes a Toll on Nor Cal Watersheds

January 2, 2018- Across the Trinity River and beyond, creeks are drying up and cannabis is to blame.

New Klamath Tracking and Accounting Program Watershed Report

December 15, 2017- KTAP summarizes results from 92 recent restoration projects in 2016 Watershed Report.

KBMP Meeting Presentations Available

November 28, 2017- PDF's of presentations from the latest KBMP meeting are available for viewing here.

Klamath Dam Removal Group Hosting Public Meetings

November 9, 2017- Open House meetings scheduled on 11/7 (Klamath Falls), 11/8 (Yreka), and 11/9 (Eureka). 

KBMP Agenda for November 14-15th Meeting in Klamath Falls, OR

October 9, 2017- The agenda for KBMP's next meeting is now available. Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if attending.

After Its Dams Came Down, a River is Reborn

October 4, 2017- The story of the Elwha River, unleashed.

Klamath River Renewal Corporation Releases CEQA & 401 Certification Document

October 3, 2017- KRRC has submitted a technical support document for the Lower Klamath Project.

No Fishery Relief Funds Again in Congress' $1.2T Spending Bill

September 19, 2017- Despite fisheries disaster declaration, no funding was allocated to support suffering fishermen and tribes. 

Klamath Tribes Issue WQ Report for August

September 15, 2017- Summary of August WQ in Agency Lake and UKL: die off of adult suckers, cyanobacteria bloom, and other issues.

Blue-Green Algae Blooms Worsen Throughout the Basin

September 1, 2017- Newest data shows increasing microcystin concentrations from Upper Klamath Lake to the Estuary. See BGA page for details and PLEASE, AVOID SWIMMING IN THE MAINSTEM KLAMATH until further notice. NEWS RELEASE UPDATE (9/21/17)

Fires Rage Across the Klamath Basin

8/31/17- Regional wildfire map shows increasing fire danger across the basin. Be safe everyone!

Karuk Tribe Seeks to List Klamath River Salmon as Endangered

August 21, 2017- Spring Chinook have been found to be genetically distinct from fall Chinook. Karuk Tribe will petition for listing.

One Fish, Two Fish: Ancient DNA May Rrewrite the Life Story of Spring Chinook

August 17, 2017- New research identifies key genetic difference between spring and fall Klamath Chinook. Article and research paper.

Job Opportunity- Water Project Coordinator for Trout Unlimited in So. OR

August 17, 2017- Trout Unlimited is hiring. Help conserve and recover Oregon's native salmon, trout, and riverine ecosystems.

Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan Synthesis Report

August 15, 2017- The newly released IFRMP Synthesis Report will help wisely allocate funds to support effective restoration.

Klamath Basin Students Head to Chile for Dialog on Dams

August 14, 2017- Students from both countries share solidarity and tour of rivers with dams in mind.

The Latest Water Argument: The WOTUS Rule

August 9, 2017- Jefferson Public Radio hosts a 22 minute discussion of the fate of Waters of the United States rule.

Toxic Waste From US Pot Farms Alarms Experts

August 7, 2017- Illegal marijuana farms pollution is far worse than previously thought

Rios to Rivers: Klamath and Chilean Youth's Three-Week Journey Down Klamath

August 3, 2017- Fifty teens and mentors paddle from the upper basin to the mouth to raise awareness for their respective rivers.

Spring Chinook Salmon hit 2nd Lowest Population Size in 20 Years

August 1, 2017- Once numbering in the hundreds of thousands, last week's Salmon River dive found only 110 Spring-run Chinook.

Officials: Bill would End Trinity Fish Disease Preventive Flows, County Water Right

July 31, 2017- US House bill would redirect more Trinity River water to Central Valley irrigators, override recent court rulings.

All About Algae: The Good and Bad in Upper Klamath Lake

July 31, 2017- A primer on cyanobacteria and Upper Klamath Lake. History, monitoring, and what to do next.

How Farming Inside Wildlife Refuges is Transforming Klamath Basin Agriculture

July 27, 2017- Part three of a three part series on the wildlife refuges in the Klamath Basin. 21 minute audio overview of series.

Birds Take Backseat to Fish, Farms in the Klamath Basin

July 26, 2017- First of a three part series on the wildlife refuges in the Klamath Basin. 

What Happens to Birds When Wildlife Refuges Dry Up?

July 26, 2017- Second of a three part series on the wildlife refuges in the Klamath Basin.

Klamath River Renewal Project: Field Activity Advisory

July 11, 2017- Summary of planned field activities for 2017.

Copco Reservoir Posted for Blue-Green Algae

July 7, 2017- Copco Reservoir was posted at the Warning Tier 1 level based on microcystin toxins found on June 25th. See results and press release

Salmon River Dive and 9th Spring-run Chinook Symposium, July 25-28

July 7, 2017- Spring Chinook training and dive 25th-26th, Symposium on 27th, field tours on 28th. Symposium registration and agenda.

Public Review Draft of IFRMP Synthesis Report Available for Comments

June 7, 2017- Comments on the Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan being accepted until July 7th.

Blue-Green Algae Health Advisory Issued for an Area of Upper Klamath Lake

June 7, 2017- Blue-green algae toxins exceed Oregon thresholds at Eagle Lake County Park. 

Veterinarian Reference for Blue-Green Algae Released

May 23, 2017- A fact sheet is now available for vets to understand, diagnose, treat, and report blue-green algae illnesses.

Beaver Dam Analogue Workshop in Scott Valley: June 19th - 22nd

May 22, 2017- Learn the theory and practice of restoring rivers, streams, and floodplains at this upcoming training.

Klamath Tribes Call for Agreement Termination

May 19, 2017- Termination is requested due to unmet stipulations in the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement. 

Nearly Half of CA's Native Salmon on Track to be Extinct within 50 Years

May 17, 2017- Important study highlights threats to salmonids, including climate change, dams, agriculture, and urbanization. 

USBR Releases Long-Term Plan to Protect Adult Salmon in Lower Klamath

April 21, 2017- Final Environmental Impact Statement issued to guide response to prevent future fish die-offs.

OWRD Responds to Tribes' Call on Water

April 18, 2017- Call for water on Sprague and Williamson Rivers protects instream flows needed to replenish riparian habitat.

Coho Enhancement Fund and Habitat Restoration Program Open House

April 14, 2017- Open house planned for discuss RFP, eligibilty, application, etc. on May 10 in Yreka.

USBR Releases 2017 Annual Operations Plan for Klamath Project

April 11, 2017- Annual Operations Plan describes expected water supply, irrigation, conservation, and operations. 

Fisheries Managers Close 200 Miles of West Coast to Salmon Fishing

April 11, 2017- Record low run of Klamath chinook results in total salmon closure from Port Orford, OR to Eureka, CA.  

USGS Releases Interactive Map for Historic Water Quality Trends

April 11, 2017- Map reveals long term trends for water quality in our nations rivers and streams over the last four decades.

Klamath River Salmon Season Faces Closure due to 'Unprecedented' Forecast

March 27, 2017- Sport and commercial salmon fishing could be completely closed due to projections of the lowest return on record.

KBMP Spring 2017 Meeting in Klamath, CA on March 15th and 16th

March 14, 2017- Agenda includes 15 talks, field trip to Terwer Creek restoration site. 

Ocean Salmon Fishery Closures Proposed to Protect Klamath River Fish

March 14, 2017- Advisory panel sees the worst outlook for fisheries that depend on Klamath since 2008.

Klamath River Dam Removal Plan on Track as Administration Shifts

March 3, 2017- Despite uncertainty, the removal of four dams on the Klamath is still on schedule for a 2020 demolition.

Job Opening- Willamette Partnership Project Manager

March 3, 2017- Now hiring for a Clean Water Project Manager for Willamette Partnership's Portland office. Job posting here, closing on 4/1/17.

Job Opening- TNC Director of Freshwater Programs

February 22, 2017- The Nature Conservancy is hiring for their Portland office. Applications due by 3/13/17.

2016 Fall Chinook Megatable Released

February 17, 2017- 2016 Klamath fall Chinook salmon run-size estimated to be lowest on record, going back to 1978, per CDFW report

The Eternal Squeeze: Klamath Basin Water

February 13, 2017- Battles over water sent to fish in 2001 in court again as another court rules for more water for fish in 2017. 

Reclamation to Release Water Below Iron Gate Dam to Address Fish Health Concerns

February 10, 2017- Pulse flow begins 2/10 at noon, ramps up to 9,600 cfs for 24 hours, ramp down over three days.

Court Orders Extra Water to Protect Salmon

February 8, 2017-  Low flows in Klamath River cause irrparable harm to juvenile salmon, court rules for pulse flow and other actions.

Spring KBMP Meeting Agenda Released

February 6, 2017- The agenda is now available for the March 15th-16th meeting in Klamath, CA at the Yurok Tribe Community Room

Judge to Order Feds, Tribes to Work Together on new Klamath River Flow Plan

January 30,2017- Expected order sides with tribes regarding low flows and higher than allowed juvenile disease rates.

Grazing Halted to Study Impacts on Oregon Spotted Frog

January 30, 2017- Grazing on 68,000 acres in Fremont-Winema National Forest temporarily halted.

Klamath Farmers Look for Compensation for 16 Year-Old Irrigation Cuts

January 30, 2017- Cut off of irrigation water for fish during drought was federal taking without compensation.

Third Oregon Climate Assessment Report Outlines Acute Risks to State

January 24, 2017- New report documents threats such as erosion, flooding, wildfires, and decreased snowpack. 

USGS Estimates Nutrient and Suspended Sediment Loads into Upper Klamath Lake

January 24, 2017- State-of-the-art science estimates phosphorous and suspended sediment loads using continuous monitoring data.

River Restoration Northwest Symposium- February 7th-9th

January 10, 2017- Three days of talks, including a session on the Klamath! Registration here for this symposium at Skamania Lodge in Washington.

CA's Citizen Scientist 2017 Calendar Released

January 10, 2017- State Water Resources Control Board releases their annual Citizen Scientist Calendar of events, activities, and other great links. 

Bird and Vegetation Monitoring Report Card for Trinity River

January 10, 2017- The Klamath Bird Observatory and Trinity River Restoration Program summarized restoration progress using this unique and easy to understand report card.

Using New Technology to Pinpoint Water Contamination Sources

December 29, 2016- New DNA-based technique determines source of bacterial contamination.  

PNW to Roll Out Columbia Basin Salmonid Mapping Tool

December 29, 2016- Innovative online mapping software will track salmonid populations. Press Release and Map

The Open and Transparent Water Data Act

December 29, 2016- Future CA water funding will require data sharing, transparency, documentation, and quality control.

Salmonid Restoration Federation Announces 35th Conference

December 21, 2016- "Restoring Watersheds and Rebuilding Salmon Runs" at the March 29-April 1, 2017 conference.

Project Maps Aquatic DNA Across the West

12/20/16- A USFS team examines water samples for environmental DNA to identify what aquatic species lives upstream

EPA Releases Draft Recreational HAB Toxin Criteria

December 14, 2016- Links to EPA website here for proposed notice, fact sheet, and draft criteria to protect human health.

Spring KBMP Meeting on March 15th-16th in Klamath, CA

December 9, 2016- The Yurok Tribe will be hosting the 20th KBMP General Meeting. More info here.

Scientists Working on 1st Major Map of All Aquatic Species in Western US

November 28, 2016- Collection of Environmental DNA samples would provide unprescedented view into biodiversity.

KBMP Fall 2016 Meeting Presentations Available

November 22, 2016- Presentations from the recent, and previous meetings, can be reviewed here

Will Klamath River Salmon Thrive Again After Dams are Gone?

November 22, 2016- Dam removal is only one part of restoring a river and its inhabitants. 

Dam Removal Case Studies

October 20th, 2016- Six dam removal case studies on the fiscal, economic, environmental, and social benefits of dam removal.

USBR Releases Draft EIR on Long-Term Plan to Protect Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River

October 14, 2016- Open house and public hearing scheduled. Comments due on draft EIR by Dec 5th.

KBMP Fall Meeting Agenda Released

October 6th, 2016- Meeting in Yreka, CA on November 9th and 10th. Agenda and details. RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Technology Helps Pinpoint Sources of Water Contamination

October 6, 2016- PhyloChip can detect presence of 60,000 species of bacteria, better than traditional sampling.

No Going Back: A CalTrout Video on Fish and Farming

September 21, 2016- A story about creating fish abundance in a working agricultural landscape. Video- 12 minutes.

Tribes, Feds Discussing Solution to Klamath River Salmon Infections

September 6, 2016- Karuk and Yurok Tribes to work with feds on flow changes to protect salmon, hold off on lawsuit.

UC Test Projects Help Scott Valley Rancher Conserve Water

September 1, 2016- To address water conflict, ranchers' center-pivot irrigation improves yields, uses less water

Scott Valley Pioneers Instream Flow and Groundwater Management

August 26, 2016- New flow and groundwater activities could set an example for balanced use in California.

Feds, Tribes React to Trinity Water Releases

August 26, 2016- Supplamental flows will extend into late September to protect fall salmon run. 

Reclamation to Release Additional Water from Trinity Reservoir

August 24, 2016- Flows will supplement Lower Klamath River. Environmental documents also released here.

Tribal Consortium Seeks Input on Upper Klamath Water Quality Improvement Plan

August 23, 2016- The Klamath Tribal Water Quality Consortium has released its non-regulatory Upper Klamath Basin Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment and Management Program Plan for public comment. Comments due September 18, 2016.

Ich Found in Klamath River

August 19, 2016- Latest sampling by Yurok Tribe finds severely infected fish. See the latest technical memo here

California Water Quality Monitoring Council Releases Harmful Algal Bloom Portal

August 18, 2016- New website features map based reporting and cyanobacteria information. Press Release and Fact Sheet.

Shasta Valley RCD Newsletter Highlights Projects and Achievements

August 18, 2016-  Riparian projects on Shasta River, Parks Creek, and Bogus Creek among newsletter topics.

Salmon River Spring Chinook Survey Shows Half of Average Run Size

August 1, 2016-  Snorkel survey finds only 389 adults for spring run chinook, half of 20 year average.

Feds Sued Over Klamath River Salmon Parasite Outbreaks

August 1, 2016-  Hoopa Tribe lawsuit filed; other tribes, environmental organziations filed notice of intent to sue.

After the Dams Come Down: Stakeholders Seek Water Sharing Agreements

July 30, 2016-  Finding solutions to expired agreements, water reliabilty, affordable power key to irrigators. 

Instream Flow: Five Features of Effective Summer Flow Strategies

July 25, 2016-  Five key ideas to support environmental objectives during periods of low stream flow.

Low Flows, Low Run Expected for Klamath River Salmon This Fall

July 25, 2016-  Drought, disease, and poor ocean conditions drive low expected return of salmon.

Klamath River Study: Cold Water Refuges Also Function as Disease Refuges for Juvenile Salmon

July 25, 2016-  New study shows naturally occurring parasites decline in areas of cooler water, benefiting salmon.

Blue-Green Algae Conditions Worsen in Klamath Basin

July 12, 2016-  Advisory expands to all of Upper Klamath Lake; Raised to 'Danger' in Copco and 'Warning' in Iron Gate Reservoir.

Unlikely Partners Craft Eel River Recovery Plan

July 6, 2016-  CalTrout leads a stakeholder driven effort to restore watershed through Eel River Action Plan.

Blue-Green Algae Advisories issued for Copco Res. and Howard's Bay

June 26, 2016-  Howard's Bay in Upper Klamath Lake and Copco Reservoir exceed blue-green algae thresholds.

Yurok, Karuk Tribes Threaten Feds with Lawsuit over Klamath Salmon

June 25, 2016-  Flow management blamed for more than 90% infection of juvenile salmon in 2014 and 2015.

Bringing Back Klamath Wetlands, One Wocus at a Time

June 24, 2016- Wocus restoration may be getting easier but what will happen to the "Wocus Dance"?

Drought Returning to Northern California

June 17, 2016- Water supply a concern this summer in California.

Tree Planting Drone Taking on 'One of the Hardest Jobs on the Planet'

June 17, 2016- Oregon wastewater utility to test drone for riparian planting, shoots seeds and fertilizer into ground.

Beavers and Climate Resilience

June 17, 2016- When beavers build dams, they create reservoirs that store water and replenish groundwater. 

USFS Releases Stream Temperature Database and Projections for CA

June 15, 2016- NorWeST releases updated database, shapefiles, and temperature projections. 

Iron Gate Flow Schedule Released

June 1, 2016- BOR releases updated Iron Gate Dam Target Flow Schedule.

Hoopa Tribe Sues Feds, Claims Inadequate Salmon Protection

May 18, 2016- Claims that nearly 100% infection rate of juvenile fish in 2014 and 2015 is linked to Klamath Project.

Upper Klamath Special Investment Partnership Accomplishments Recognized

May 5, 2016- Summary report issued documenting restoration progress from 2012-215. 

Fish Win, Birds Lose in Klamath Agreements

May 2, 2016- Dam removal offers hope to endangered salmon but doesn't provide water for refuges along Pacific Flyway.

Riparian Work to Begin Along the Sprague River

April 29, 2016- Klamath Lake Land Trust and volunteers are restoring and replanting 316 acres along the Sprague River. 

Reconnecting the Klamath

April 29, 2016- A reminder that dam removal is only the first step towards restoration of the Klamath Basin.

Trainings Set for Identifying and Responding to CyanoHABs in CA

April 28, 2016- Four trainings include June 20th at Humboldt State University. See all upcoming KBMP related events here.

National Water Quality Monitoring Council- Spring 2016 Newsletter

April 26, 2016- Latest newsletter highlights many programs and WQ related articles.

Scott River Watershed Council Releases Beaver Dam Analogue Report

April 25, 2016- Monitoring report for 1st BDA's in California, which create important slow water habitat for coho. 

KBMP Spring Meeting This Wed/Thurs in Klamath Falls

April 18, 2016- 18th KBMP meeting on April 20-21 at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR. Agenda here.

Cold Water Species Finding Refuge Despite Warming

April 7, 2016- Warming is slower in high elevation headwater streams than low elevation streams, study finds.

Historic Klamath Dam Removal Agreements Signed Today

April 6, 2016- At a small ceremony today at the mouth of the Klamath River, the Governors of Oregon and California, 
tribal leaders, and other dignitaries signed the amended KHSA and new KPFA.

KBMP Spring Meeting Agenda Announced

April 1, 2016- To be held April 20-21 at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR. Agenda here.

WaterSMART: Cooperative Watershed Management Program Grants

April 1, 2016- Funding to establish or develop existing watershed groups. Applications due May 4th, 2016.

Klamath River Fish Health Workshop Agenda Announced

January 19, 2016- Annual meeting in Yreka, February 2nd. Agenda here.

Uncharted Waters:Demise of KBRA Fosters Hope, Fear, and Anger

January 19, 2016- The Klamath River means many things to many people. That's a big part of the problem.

Science Takes Flight in the Shasta Valley

January 11, 2016- Aerial imagery provides new opportunities and insights for vegetation mapping and more. 

Rage, Reconciliation, and Rural Oregon

January 11, 2016- Op-Ed on how the years long effort to heal the basin died due to partisan politics. 

Funding Opportunity- Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant Program

January 7, 2016- Accelerate strategic protection of healthy, freshwater ecosystems. Proposals due March 14th.

After the Klamath Agreements, What Next?

January 5, 2016- JPR hosts Klamath Tribe and Karuk Tribe to talk about the next likely moves (audio 16 min)

California Water Board to Host Klamath Dam Relicensing Scoping Meetings

January 5, 2016- Meetings to be held in January in Sacramento (14th), Arcata (25th), Orleans (26th), and Yreka (26th)  

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