The purpose of the Klamath Basin Water Quality Monitoring Plan is to serve as a foundation for the continued collaboration within the Klamath Basin, by: 1) recommending water quality investigations to answer questions for resource managers, 2) providing for data management, data sharing and data communications to resource managers and other water quality investigators, and 3) provide for consistent sampling methods and quality assurance protocols to assure the comparability of data among the various agencies, watershed groups and tribal governments conducting work within the Klamath Basin.


The monitoring plan, seeks to include all agencies and organizations engaging in water quality monitoring in the Klamath Basin. The Klamath Basin Water Quality Monitoring Plan is not intended to replace individual water quality monitoring efforts or autonomy, but expands on the current coordinated monitoring effort in the Klamath Basin that benefits long-term coordination and collaboration, and enhances the ability to secure stable funding for these continued efforts.

Proposed Water Quality Monitoring Network