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The Klamath Basin Monitoring Program facilitates the coordination and implementation of water quality monitoring in support of the stewardship, protection, and restoration of all beneficial uses within the Klamath River watershed, with the ultimate goal of restoring water quality. Learn More

Fish Health

 Readiness Level

 KlamathFishIcon orange

Mid and Lower Klamath (Happy Camp to Mouth),  Trinity River, Salmon, and Scott River- Orange

Upper Klamath Mainstem (Iron Gate to Happy Camp), and Shasta River - Yellow

Learn more about fish health and KFHAT

Blue-Green Algae Map

BGA Tracker 20220803

BGA Tracker

Upper Klamath Lake, Copco Reservoir, Iron Gate Reservoir, and the Klamath River from Weitchpec to Klamath Glen (Roy Rook) are currently posted

Real-Time Data

Link to Real-Time WQ Map


The table above contains provisional data provided by the USGS via the waterservices site. All data are provisional and may be recalculated before final approval. This table may take several seconds to load.

* = value 2+ hours old
**=4 or more hours

Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT)

The Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT) is a technical workgroup which formed during the summer of 2003 with the purpose of providing early warning and a coordinated response effort to avoid, or at least address, a non-hazardous materials related fish kill event in the anadromous portion of the Klamath River basin.

To accomplish this goal, KFHAT created a network through which information about current river and fish health conditions in the Klamath Basin can be quickly shared among participants, the general public, and resource managers.

Current Readiness Levels:

KlamathFishIcon orange Mid and Lower Klamath Mainstem (Happy Camp to Mouth), Trinity River, Salmon River, and Scott River - Orange

KlamathFishIcon yellow Upper Klamath Mainstem (Iron Gate to Happy Camp),  Shasta- Yellow 


  • Conditions, such as unfavorable physical or chemical conditions, observation of increased incidence of pathogens, or increased fish morbidity and/or mortality suggest the need for heightened awareness.
  • Frequent data sharing among KFHAT and resource managers becomes important.
  • The Response Plan procedures should be reviewed and responders should be ready to take action if the situation worsens.

Read more about the Readiness Levels

Readiness Level Map 

Upper Klam Shasta Yellow Rest Orange The KFHAT map presents the readiness level for the Klamath Basin below Iron Gate Dam in a visual format.  

Report sick or dead fish - Call (800) 852-7550   Flyer for Klamath and Trinity Rivers

For Additional Information Contact:

Dan Troxel - California Department of Fish and Wildlife (KFHAT Co-coordinator)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: Office: 707-822-0330, Cell: 707-496-0869 

Matt Hanington - Yurok Tribe Environmental Program (KFHAT Co-coordinator)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 707-457-7948 (YTEP Enforcement/Response Hotline)

Fish Health Updates:





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