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The Klamath Basin Monitoring Program facilitates the coordination and implementation of water quality monitoring in support of the stewardship, protection, and restoration of all beneficial uses within the Klamath River watershed, with the ultimate goal of restoring water quality. Learn More

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Decision Management Framework

The Decision Management Framework (DMF) provides a spatial framework for placement and prioritization of stewardship activities aimed at improving water quality conditions in the Upper Klamath Basin. Through the integrated suite of data, the DMF is intended to support inter-agency collaboration and coordination regarding restoration activities, monitoring, and analysis. The DMF:

  • Utilizes ArcGIS File Geodatabase - collection of geographic datasets of various types held in a common file system folder
  • Integrates multi-source data including, the National Hydrography Dataset (Plus) – hydro network, ESA listed species distributions, water quality monitoring location, land use / land cover, crop type, point of diversion, point of use, parcels and landowner information, digital elevation model, and others into a queryable spatial framework. 
  • Integrates several program areas including the Klamath Tracking and Accounting Program, OWEB Special Investment Partnership and Conservation Agreement Water Use / Riparian Program.
  • Stores data which is fully integrated and accessible using pre-installed user-defined models such as, the diffuse source treatment wetlands, landowner outreach, and others. By accessing the DMF within the ArcGIS environment, the user can develop custom models, or tailor pre-installed models as desired.

To download the DMF, tutorial, and all supporting files, please fill out the following form so we can send you a link to the files and contact you when updates are available:

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