Members of the Klamath Basin Monitoring Program (KBMP) are committed to providing high quality data to inform resource managers and the public regarding water quality conditions within the Klamath Basin.KBMP member organizations collect data for a variety of reasons, including tracking basin wide conditions with status and trends monitoring, sampling above and below restoration projects, and monitoring to protect public health.  KBMP webpages and maps below summarizes current monitoring efforts, provides updates on fish health and blue-green algae conditions, and links to historical data and reports, data visualization tools, and KBMP member websites.

__________________________________________________________2015 Monitoring Locations all
KBMP Monitoring Locations

  • The KBMP member and cooperating organizations collect water quality and related data at nearly 1,000 sites in 2015.
  • Our KBMP Monitoring Location Map allows you to view locations for all these sites, and has new tools to more easily search by organization and parameter, search for real time reporting sites, and review 2014 sites too.

__________________________________________________________BGA Tracker 201701010
Klamath Blue Green Algae Tracker

  • The Blue Green Algae Tracker webpage and map were built to inform the public and research community regarding river conditions.
  • The Tracker utilizes current information to track and map the blue-green algae blooms throughout the Klamath Basin.  

__________________________________________________________KFHAT map Orange IG to WE Yellow WE to Estuary Green Tributaries
Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT)  

  • The Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT) is a technical workgroup formed to provide early warning and a coordinated response to avoid or address fish kill events in the anadromous portion of the Klamath River basin.
  • The KFHAT webpage provides the latest updates and reports.
  • The Readiness Level Map provides a visual summary of current conditions.

CD3 ImageWater Quality Data, Reports, CEDEN, and LIDAR 

  • KBMP's Data, Reports, and Resources webpage provides links to data, organizations, and other important resources, documents, and tools. 
  • Efforts are underway to assist KBMP members upload water quality data into the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) to compile basin-wide water quality data. Once data is uploaded to CEDEN, data will be accessible through the CEDEN data portal and the Contaminant Data Display and Download tool (CD3). 
  • LIDAR data is available for many reaches in the basin.  in Oregon, a summary of LIDAR data can be found here (updated in 2011). LIDAR data is being sought for the Lower Klamath River in 2016.