KBMP Vision

The Klamath Basin Monitoring Program facilitates the coordination and implementation of water quality monitoring in support of the stewardship, protection, and restoration of all beneficial uses within the Klamath River watershed, with the ultimate goal of restoring water quality. Learn More

Real-Time Data

Link to Real-Time WQ Map


The table above contains provisional data provided by the USGS via the waterservices site. All data are provisional and may be recalculated before final approval. This table may take several seconds to load.

* = value 2+ hours old
**=4 or more hours

Blue-Green Algae Map

BGA Tracker 20171120

BGA Tracker-

Copco Reservoir, Iron Gate Reservoir, and the Klamath River from Iron Gate to the Brown Bear River Access Point, and from Weitchpec to Tully Creek are all currently posted

Fish Health

 Readiness Level

 Green fish

All Rivers- Green
Learn more about fish health and KFHAT


Many documents can be found in the pages below including research, KBMP's guiding documents, presentations, and many others.

KBMP Documents 

  • Guidance documents for KBMP membership, monitoring plan, QA/QC, etc.

Document Library

  • Peer reviewed and agency literature relating to the Klamath River and water quality.

Monitoring Plan 

  • Foundation for collaborative water quality monitoring among KBMP members.

Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Notes and agendas from KBMP committee meetings.

Meeting Presentations

  • Presentations, agendas, etc. from KBMP meetings. Great resources!

Meetings and Webinars

  •  Information about future meetings and links to documents from recent non-KBMP meetings.


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