In an effort to foster interagency collaboration, Klamath Basin Monitoring Program supports collaborative projects through web exposure,  document distribution, and membership communication. Contact us if you are interested in posting a Klamath Basin related project.

KHSA Monitoring

  • As part of the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, PacifiCorp is funding baseline water quality monitoring and blue-green algae toxin monitoring as necessary to protect public health. Objectives, annual reports, and data are available.

Klamath Tracking and Accounting Program

  • The Klamath Tracking and Accounting Program is designed to help track individual and cumulative effects of restoration actions and measure progress towards achieving basin-wide water quality goals.

Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team

  • The Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT) is a technical workgroup formed to provide early warning and a coordinated response to avoid or address fish kill events in the anadramous portion of the Klamath River basin.

Klamath Blue-green Algae Workgroup

  • The Klamath Blue-green Algae Workgroup is composed of monitoring organizations, health officials and interested parties working together to better inform the public regarding Klamath Basin blue-green algae blooms the potential health risks.

Upper Basin Collaboration

Klamath Dam Removal Science Collaboration Workshop

  • A workshop was held in January 2023 to assess opportunities for collaboration and coordination of those studying Klamath dam removal.